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Logging Miles... And More.

I talked (wrote) a few weeks ago about journaling. What I do. Why I do it. A training log can be a powerful thing. This past week, I’ve found mine particularly useful. For getting through some of my struggles. Mental and physical. So, today, I want to share with you an expanded look at my training log/journal. And, some of the thoughts I didn’t put down in my journal.

Training Log June 4-10, 2018: Planned, 70 miles. 69.4 miles for the week.

Paces: BF = by feel; E (easy) = 8:08-8:36; S = strides (8-10sec); PU = pick up (gradual increase in pace)

Monday – planned: 8R + strength (lower)

6.1mi @ 9:09. Was slow to warm-up, feeling a little stiff from the high mileage weekend. Otherwise, okay. Cut the distance shorter than what was planned because I slept a little long and needed to get to work. Wondering how I’m going to make my BQ time in Colorado in a little over a week. Will need to run ~1/2 minute per mile quicker for more than twice as far. But, need to get state 14 marked off the list! Skipped lower strength in the afternoon. Long day at work and no motivation.

Tuesday – planned: 8BF w/S + strength (upper)

10.1 mi @ 9:27. On the treadmill at home because of thunderstorms. Physically a little sluggish and mentally difficult to motivate through the miles on the ‘mill. But, got it done. Even included 4 “strides” from mile 9-10. Skipped afternoon strength session. Another long day at work.

Wednesday – planned: 8E + stability

4.5mi @ 8:05. Clearly ignored the planned E-pace. Stress from work yesterday carried over to the morning. So, just wanted a good, hard run. And, needed to get in to work a little early, so cut the distance down. At least I felt okay at a quicker pace, which I’ll need in Colorado. Skipped stability because, again, long day at work.

Thursday – planned: 8BF + strength (lower)

9.2mi @ 8:27. Felt good to keep a solid, steady E-pace. Wasn’t particularly easy, but comfortable. Felt a little lighter on my feet than I have recently. Still doing the low added sugar thing, so maybe that’s it? Maybe finally adjusting to the heat and humidity? Maybe the lack of cross-training for the past few days have left my legs fresher? Something to consider for the next week or so leading up to the Estes Park Marathon (Colorado). It’s a train-through race, but with the paces I’ve been running lately, may need a little help to get my BQ time at altitude. Skipped strength thinking it may be good to keep legs fresh(er). Plus, the long week at work continued.

Friday – 8E + stability

6.2mi @ 8:45. Seems that a slightly quicker pace is becoming more comfortable. Normal. Helps set my mind at ease for the upcoming race. Work still hectic, plus had to get ready for the trip tomorrow. So, no stability today either. Fully intentional, or not, legs are getting a rest from things other than running. Not planned, but this ended up being my "cheat day" this week.

Saturday – planned: 16PU + stability

14.5mi @ 8:47. Swapped today’s mileage with tomorrow’s. Limited time this morning to get in the distance since I have a plane to catch. Still did a progression (pick up) run. Not a completely steady increase in pace, but progressed from 9:05 second mile (first was a warm-up) to 8:17 final mile. Felt pretty good. A few twinges in my hamstring. Need to get back to my stability work? Got up and out the door a little earlier, so the heat was manageable. Low 80s when finished. No stability because no time. Didn’t get off the plane and to the hotel until 9pm local time.

Sunday – planned: 14BF

16.6mi @ 9:02. Hotel treadmill. Pretty comfortable the whole time. Good news since I’m at altitude. Actually did this as a pick-up, too. In the afternoon, wanted to do a few miles outside (2.6mi @ 8:29), to scope the area and see how I’d feel. Felt pretty good. My throat got dry and scratchy kind of quickly. Will try to get outside as much as possible this upcoming week to acclimate. Did some stability work to make-up (a bit) from missing Friday and Saturday’s sessions. Skipped exercises with weights or exercise ball. Simplifying for the upcoming semi-taper week. 12x adductor leg raises, 20x leg cross-overs, 10x standing hurdlers, 10x side leg raises, 12x firehydrants, 12x leg swings, 20x hip raises, 12x side hip raises

Until next week, when I'll have a race re-cap!

Own it. Live it. Be it.

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