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The Start of 2019 Training.

Training Log December 31, 2018-January 6, 2019: 59.7 miles.

Monday – 5.1mi @ 7:43. 4 miles of progression, with a mile cool down. Legs a bit heavy. Strength session.

Tuesday – 6.3mi @ 8:56. Nice and easy. Legs still heavy, but no soreness (surprisingly!) from the weight session.

Wednesday – Running rest day! Stability session.

Thursday – 13.2mi @ 7:38. Goal here was 5 at half marathon pace (HMP) followed by 2 at 10K pace with warm up and cool down. HMP goal was 6:55, and I pushed for it, but hit 6:59-7:00 for those miles and 6:49, 6:43 for 10K pace miles (goal was 6:35). Hard work. Legs a bit sore (I think from the beach walk I took on my “off” day). Felt great to be done!

Friday – 8.0mi @ 8:40. Hit the trails for some steady pace miles. Legs still a touch sore, but a decent run.

Saturday – 14.0mi @ 8:36. Total lack of motivation to get out the door and get moving. Legs had just a touch of soreness remaining. But, the weather was beautiful!! Turned out to be a good run.

Sunday – 13.1mi @ 9:09. Another beautiful day! Took to the trails for what started out as a comfortable run. I didn’t bring any fuel or liquid, so the last few miles were a bit tough. But, go it done!

Training Log January 7-13, 2019: 56.3 miles.

Monday – 6.2mi @ 8:48. Nice and easy nondescript run. Strength session.

Tuesday – 10.0mi @ 8:13. Legs heavy to start. But, eased into a comfortable steady pace. Stability session.

Wednesday – 8.1mi @ 9:29. More time on the trails. Two miles of hard effort (8:27, 8:04) with easy start and finish.

Thursday – 10.0mi @ 8:05. 2HMP miles (6:49, 6:51) took a bit more effort than “should” have, but legs felt really good.

Friday – 3.3mi @ 9:16. Nice and easy run. Legs felt great! Short stability session after.

Saturday – 4.4mi @ 8:35. Easy peasy. Legs good!!

Sunday – 13.2mi @ 6:49. Mobile Marathon Half Marathon. Race recap coming soon!

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