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On the Road Again.

Updated: May 22, 2018

Literally and figuratively. The last two weeks I've started my new training plan. Beginning with a 12 week cycle of base mileage. It also was the start of an incredibly busy summer. Work. Travel for work. Travel for fun (a bit). I have very little “free” time between now and August. I knew this when I set-up the training plan. I figure not only does my body need a little rest, I won’t have time to train hard these next few months. So, it’ll work out nicely. At least I hope so.

Since I have been incredibly busy, I haven’t had much time to divine some words of wisdom. Or wit. Or anything, really. When I started this blog, I’d hoped to post weekly(-ish). Well, this is the “-ish” part. I will say that after the past two weeks, the first weeks of the new plan, I’m feeling good. This cycle is really focused on proper recovery and listening to my body. As runners, striving towards a goal, it’s easy to ignore our bodies. Push through the planned workouts. This is a nice change of pace. Pun intended. You’ll see in my training logs that my perspective towards training is different now than it was in the build up to Boston. More relaxed. I am totally owning this new approach.

Taking training a little easier, so I'm getting a litlle more creative with mid-run photos.

You’ll notice a new pace in my training logs. BF. By Feel. I still follow the philosophy that every training session has a purpose. You must keep that purpose in mind to get the full benefit of your training. “By feel” may seem counter to this idea. But, keep in mind that this cycle is all about my base. My foundation. Pounding out miles. Not fast. Not hard. Just miles.

I'm also slowly re-incorporating my fitness training. I haven’t put this in my training log, but I’ve started doing at least 20 push-ups a day. And, will be adding new aspects to my fitness training, as I mentioned last time. There are a few days where I’ve planned a pace with purpose. But, not many. I didn’t want to restrict myself on days I feel good. And, this is not the time to push myself on days when I don’t. Those times will come again. Just not in the next few months.

Training Log May 7-13, 2018: Planned, 40 miles. 40.9 miles for the week.

Paces: BF = by feel; E (easy) = 8:08-8:36; R (recovery) = 9:10 or slower

Monday – planned: 6BF

6.1mi @ 8:51. Smooth and steady. Weather great!

Tuesday – planned: 6BF

6.1mi @ 9:03. Nice and easy.

Wednesday – planned: OFF

Thursday – planned: 6BF

4.2 @ 8:15. Switched with Friday because of work schedule. A little tough to get going quicker, but felt good.

Friday – planned: 4E

6.0 @ 8:46. Felt comfortable.

Saturday – planned: 10BF

10.1 @ 8:41. Nice and easy jaunt. Weather still cool enough in the morning to enjoy (~70°F).

Sunday – planned: 8R

8.0mi @ 9:39. Ugh. Hotel treadmill. Legs fine, but it was hot in that gym!

View for my evening runs this week. Centennial Olympic Park.

Training Log May 14-20, 2018: Planned, 50 miles. 47.4 miles for the week.

Paces: BF = by feel; E (easy) = 8:08-8:36; R (recovery) = 9:10 or slower

Monday – planned: 6BF

4.1mi @ 8:56 on the hotel treadmill. Legs and body fine. Already tired of the hot hotel gym.

Tuesday – planned: 6BF

6.8mi @ 8:34. Waited until the evening, so I could get outside to cruise around Centennial Olympic Park. A little warm, but felt great to be out!

Wednesday – planned: 4BF and Stability

3.0 @ 8:24. Back on the treadmill. Couldn’t wait to be done. Have I said that gym was hot?

AM Stability. 20x torso twists, 10x leg swings (ea. Leg, front and side), 20x hip raises, 10x side hip raises (ea.), 10x kickbacks (ea.), 10x one-legged deadlifts (ea.)

Thursday – planned: 6BF

7.4mi @ 8:48. Another warm, but enjoyable, jaunt in the evening. No residual soreness from the stability training.

Friday – planned: 6E and Stability

OFF. Needed a break.

Saturday – planned: 12BF

17.1mi @ 9:33. Good to be home, but I slept in and this was hot!! So, I took it nice and easy. Felt fine. Took a few short walk breaks to cool down.

PM Stability (from Fri.). 10x one-legged deadlifts (ea.), 10x side lunges (ea.), 20x knee crunches, 10x adductor leg raises (ea.), 20x leg cross-overs, 10x knee tucks, 10x discus-thrower (10lb., ea.)

Sunday – planned: 10R and Stability

10.1mi @ 9:20. Nice and easy. Wanted to go a little faster towards end, but kept within R-pace.

PM Stability. 10x discus-thrower (10lb., ea.), 10x standing hurdles (ea. leg, forward and reverse), 12x side leg raises (ea.), 10x firehydrants (ea.), 10x jackknives, 20x torso twists (8lb.)

Until next week(-ish).

Own it, live it, be it.

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