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December 3-9, 2018 Training.

Monday – 6.3mi @ 8:50. Legs felt pretty good for this easy run. A little soreness from yesterday’s strength training. Skipped the planned stability work because my ribs are still sore from the fall on the trail yesterday.

Tuesday – 10.0mi @ 7:45. Started the first 4 miles nice and easy. Everything felt good. Then, 3 miles at half marathon pace (6:54, 6:57, 6:56). Wind made that a bit more of a challenge than it should have been. Finished out easy. Tested ribs with a few push-ups. Not terrible.

Wednesday – 9.7mi @ 9:33. Easy peasy run through the trails. Legs are feeling good! Stability session. Plank and side planks irritated the rib issue.

Thursday – 8.1mi @ 9:00. Nice and easy. All good.

Friday – 3.3mi @ 9:12. Just an easy shakeout.

Saturday – 1.4mi @ 9:43. Warm up. Holiday Half Marathon – 13.1mi @ 6:53. No spoiler here… Race re-cap coming soon! 😉

Sunday – 11.0mi @ 9:29. Hit the hotel treadmill. Nice and easy, but got bored (even watching a movie). A mental struggle to keep with it, but got it done. Tried a few push-ups to test the ribs. Will give that a few days before I try again!!

62.9 miles for the week.

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