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Training Logs, Dec. 10-23, 2018

Monday – Rest Day! I’m on work travel this week, so coach made a few adjustments for an achievable mileage week.

Tuesday – AM, 6.0mi @ 7:51. Hotel treadmill. Nice and steady. PM, 4.10mi @ 7:51. More hotel treadmill. I really didn’t even try to hit the exact same pace as the morning! Just keeping it steady.

Wednesday – Another rest day (what?!?).

Thursday – 5.0mi @ 9:30. Easy peasy on the hotel treadmill.

Friday – 10.0mi @ 7:59. Felt good to get outside! Found a nice lake loop trail to get this done. Goals was progression run. Mostly made it, but some strong winds and uphills on the loop kept me near even for a few miles. Still, a solid effort.

Saturday – 15.1mi @ 8:59. A long time on the hotel treadmill, but up before daylight was the only way to get it done and to make my flight home. Gave me time to catch up on some movie-watching, at least 😉.

Sunday – 14.0mi @ 8:10. Nice to be home, but feeling a bit jet-lagged. A strong wind made this a challenge, but a solid steady effort with a few pick-up miles.

54.3 miles for December 10-16, 2018.

Monday – Rest Day!

Tuesday – 11.3mi @ 8:00. Even after the day off, feeling a little groggy. May be coming down with a cold. Still, felt okay once I got going. Eased into a steady effort for 45 min, then went hard for a 5K, and finished out easy. Stability session.

Wednesday – 6.2mi @ 9:08. Definitely not feeling 100%. But took this nice easy.

Thursday – 7.0mi @ 9:34. This was one of those days where I did not want to. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to run. But, felt okay once I did. And, was very glad I did once it was done.

Friday – 10.0mi @ 9:14. Feeling better. Comfortable run thru the trials.

Saturday – 18.7mi @ 8:22. Feeling much better. Almost back to normal. 12-ish miles at a steady effort, then pushed it for 10 min (6:54 pace), then finished out easy. It was a beautiful day and everything felt good!

Sunday – 12.0mi @ 9:32. Took a bit to completely loosen up on the trails, but an overall good run.

65.2 miles for December 17-23, 2018.

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