I said this would be about my journey and chasing some big goals.  So, what are those goals? How much time do you have?  Kidding. My big goal is to complete the 2020 World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons, 7 days, 7 continents) with a cumulative time of less than 28 hours.  I have other goals I hope to meet along the way, which I'll share as they come on the horizon on the "BLOG" page. 

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm Jessica.  I'll  be sharing my running journey.  Join me for the ups and downs of running life as I chase some big goals.  

A bit about me to start.  If you want more of my backstory, check out the "ABOUT" page. I am a runner. Not by profession, but by passion.  I have a day job, as a scientist for the federal government, but you won't hear me talk about that much. I have a husband who is incredibly supportive of my crazy running efforts.  And, three fur babies of the canine persuasion. We live in a beautiful place called Dauphin Island.


I started running in middle school, through high school, and on into college.  Well, for the first two years.  At that point, I realized that I could be a mediocre Division II athlete, or be a fun-loving, care-free college student.  Guess which one I picked?  But, running and I never parted for long.  We flirted off and on for many years, until things got serious.  Here I am, many marathons later, running down some dreams (pun intended).





Personal Records

2 mile, 12:55 (2015)                                5K, 19:59 (2017)

8K, 32:45 (2016)                                    10K, 40:29 (2018)

10 mile, 1:08:54 (2015)                         Half Marathon, 1:30:29 (2018)

Marathon, 3:09:13 (2018)                    50K, 4:49:49* (2018)

50 mile, 8:25:16* (2019)                               *course records

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